CAMP General Alejo S Santos, City of Malolos — Bulacan PNP has recorded no untoward incidents during the observance of 2022 All Saint and All Soul’s Day.

PCol Relly Arnedo, Provincial Director of the Bulacan Police Provincial Office, applauded all the police officers’ devoted duty in safeguarding not only the residents but also tourists and visitors at different public cemeteries and memorial parks. In addition, he thanked all barangay officials and tanods for their significant contribution to preserving peace and order, as well as the nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), volunteer groups, and other government agencies for their aid and collaboration.

The Bulacan Police Provincial Office was on high alert for the course of the two-day celebration, as hundreds of Bulakeos came to the cemetery to pay their respects to their ancestors and friends who had passed away.