SSS issues violation notices to over 1,200 delinquent employers nationwide

Social Security System (SSS) President and Chief Executive Officer Rolando Ledesma Macasaet (left) points out to
construction company personnel their unremitted contributions in Barangay Teacher’s Village East, Quezon City.
Social Security System (SSS) President and Chief Executive Officer Rolando Ledesma Macasaet today urged Filipino workers to be vigilant and regularly check if their contribution records are updated as the SSS pursued delinquent employers nationwide.
Macasaet led the simultaneous Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) operation, which called on more than 1,200 employers nationwide to settle their contribution delinquencies, amounting to over P335 million and affecting the social security coverage of nearly 19,000 employees.
“Our members can now easily check if their SSS contribution record is updated using the My.SSS Portal, which they can access through their smartphones. If they find out that their employers are not remitting their contributions, we advise them to report it immediately to our SSS Branch Office to investigate,” Macasaet said.  
In a RACE operation held in Quezon City, Macasaet emphasized that employers should religiously remit their workers’ contributions so they will not deprive their employees of SSS benefits.
 Macasaet said that if their contribution records are not updated, they will not be entitled to claim SSS benefits or apply for loan programs.
“For example, an SSS member was hospitalized for ten days due to an illness. Suppose their employer is not remitting the SSS contributions. In that case, they will be unqualified to receive sickness benefits from SSS because one of the requirements of the said benefit is to have recency in contributions,” he said.  
He emphasized the importance of an up-to-date contribution record, as the monthly contributions of SSS members serve as the basis for qualifying for SSS benefits.
Meanwhile, Macasaet issued a stern warning to delinquent employers, making it clear that SSS will not hesitate to file charges against them, adding, “Non-remittance of SSS premiums is a criminal offense that violates Republic Act No. 11199.”
Under the law, SSS Executive Vice President for Branch Operations Sector Voltaire P. Agas explained that employers who fail to register their employees or have not deducted and remitted their contributions to SSS will be penalized with a fine of P5,000 to P20,000 and face imprisonment ranging from six years and one day to 12 years.
“Employers who received the violation notices are given 15 days to coordinate with their respective servicing SSS Branch Office and settle their contribution delinquencies, and if they fail to act on it, SSS will take legal action against them,” Agas said.
Meanwhile, Macasaet said the nationwide crackdown against delinquent employers on Tuesday aimed to show SSS’ solidarity with Filipino workers and recognize their significant contribution to commemorating Labor Day.