SSS continues to provide unemployment benefit amid pandemic

SSS Luzon Central 2 Division Vice President Gloria Corazon Andrada

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga — Social Security System (SSS) continues to provide unemployment benefit to its members amid the pandemic. 

SSS Luzon Central 2 Division Vice President Gloria Corazon Andrada said this aims to aid employees who are involuntarily separated from their work. 

“There are instances that an employee is separated from work but this cannot be attributed to him or her. For example, there is an economic downturn such as this pandemic, when an office closes and an employee loses his or her job; or there is a downsizing done or labor saving devices, then the employee can file for unemployment benefit,” Andrada explained. 

However, she clarified that those who were separated or dismissed due to their own negligence or misconduct are not eligible to the benefit. 

An employee may claim 50 percent of his or her monthly salary for two months or equivalent to a month’s salary.  

“To avail this benefit, the employee must have at least 36 contributions and 12 of those contributions should be paid within the 18-month period,” she said.

Andrada also clarified that the benefit can be claimed only once every three years and not every time that an employee got separated or laid off from work. 

“This is one way where we can provide relief to our members so that while they are scouting or applying for a new job, they have something to use in order to support their family and get by every day, especially now that the pandemic has been tough for most of the people,” she said. 

Those who are separated from work due to natural and man-made calamities and disasters are also eligible to claim.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Andrada said that filing of unemployment benefit, as well as obtaining certification from the Department of Labor and Employment is now online through the SSS website.

Aside from the benefits, SSS also has loan offerings for their members including salary and calamity loans. 

Meanwhile, she urged members to regularly pay their contribution on time so that in times of needs, they can be assured of the different benefits of SSS. 

This is the seventh benefit of SSS, which is one of the salient features under the Republic Act 1199.

That law rationalizes and expands the powers and duties of Social Security Commission to ensure the long-term viability of SSS which took effect on March 5, 2019. 

SOURCE: Marie Joy S. Carbungco PIA3