SM Earth Day 2023

SM Supermalls in North Luzon recently gathered to celebrate Earth Day 2023 with a series of activities designed to promote environmental sustainability and inspire action towards a more sustainable future. The event, titled “Earth Day 2023: Invest in Our Planet, Invest in Our Youth” featured an Art and Storytelling activity, a Sustainability Tour, and a Tree Planting activity.

The Art and Storytelling activity kicked off the celebration. SM Bulacan malls in Marilao, Baliwag, Pulilan, San Jose del Monte, and Grand Central in Caloocan invited participants to express their love for the planet and share their stories through various artistic forms such as fun coloring activity. The community artists and storytellers led the activity as they read the story based on Manny Baldemor’s artworks. The story reflects the simple ways children can participate in living sustainably on their own and with their family.

Following the Art and Storytelling activity, the Sustainability Tour showcased various sustainability initiatives and practices that are implemented in the SM Malls. The tour aimed to educate and inspire participants to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives and contribute to the planet’s restoration and regeneration.

Grade school students in SM City Marilao had rare opportunity to learn about sustainable practices and proper disposal of e-waste. Assistant Mall Manager Engr. Janette Aguilera discussed the harmful effects of e-waste on the environment and human health, as well as the importance of proper disposal and recycling. Apart from the discussion, participants also engage in hands-on activities on proper waste segregation and disposal. 

The team of SM City Baliwag, led by Assistant Mall Manager Eugene Martin, introduced the mall’s bike-friendly facilities to students of Baliwag South Central School while reiterating the significance of using bikes as a mode of transportation in order to lessen air pollution and reduce petroleum consumption. In addition, students were taught about the process of water recycling by converting used potable water to non-potable purposes. In SM Center Pulilan, students from Colegio de Sta. Philomena School learned the proper ways of waste segregation to facilitate the process of reducing, reusing, and recycling waste.

The celebration concluded with a Tree Planting activity in other SM malls, where participants planted trees to increase awareness of the importance of trees in the ecosystem and inspire others to act towards reforestation and conservation. Trees play a crucial role in the planet’s ecosystem and help combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide.

The Earth Day Celebration at SM Bulacan malls in Marilao, Baliwag, Pulilan, San Jose del Monte, and Grand Central in Caloocan demonstrated the power of art, storytelling, and community engagement in promoting environmental sustainability and inspiring action towards a more sustainable future. It is also an annual activity of SM Supermalls as part of its advocacy for environmental conservation.