SM bags awards at SJDM Investor’s Night 2021

Supervalue, Inc. Assistant Vice President Eva Marie Gatbunton gives her message on being the City of San Jose del Monte top tax payer.

SM companies and its affiliates bagged awards during the Investor’s Night in San Jose del Monte City earlier this month.


Led by the Business Permit and Licensing Office, the city government of San Jose Del Monte annually gives recognition to several businesses as an expression of gratitude for playing a big part in lifting the city’s operations and projects through taxes.


Supervalue, Inc. also known as SM Supermarket, topped this year’s list of San Jose del Monte revenue sources, followed by Madison Shopping Plaza, Inc. or The SM Store. SM Prime Holdings, Inc. on the sixth spot and SM

Appliance Center on the 12th. Two branches of Savemore Supermarket, which is also a part of SM, are also on the list.

“Rest assured on our company’s commitment, compliance, and continuous support to the city government. We are here to serve and always at your service.” said Supervalue, Inc. Assistant Vice President Eva Marie Gatbunton.


Aside from presenting the top tax payers, other special awards were also given during the investor’s night. Six establishments including SM City San Jose del Monte, were recognized for their sincere assistance and unwavering support to the vaccination program of the city. Ten (10) businesses including sari-sari stores, were recognized for being early tax payers. And 21 businesses including Watsons Family Health and Beauty Corp. and Savemore Market, were likewise recognized for having multiple branches in the city.


In his speech, Mayor Arthur Robes assured business owners to operate to be able to sustain and provide more employment to the people. “Last year, at the height of the pandemic, most of the businesses really had to close. This year, we gradually opened and hopefully by January 2022, everything will open again.” he said.


Meanwhile, Congresswoman Florida Robes give thanks to all the business owners of San Jose del Monte. “We will never get tired of having this kind of event because we are thankful and we want you to know that in every little thing that we do in serving, you are always part of it.” she said.