Screams resounded at SM Cinema at SM Megamall during the movie premiere where celebrities and top influencers gathered for the goosebumps. A special midnight screening will also be held on July 8 and 9 at exactly 12:01AM at SM Cinema Baliwag, SM Cinema Grand Central, and SM Cinema Marilao.

Unravel Lambert’s Darkest Family Secret as you watch Insidious: The Red Door at SM Cinema. Lurk into The Further with the terrifying final chapter of the franchise, wrapping up the mysteries the Lambert family cracked open ten years ago. The movie stars Ty simpskins, reprising his role as Dalton, the son of Josh and Renai Lambert (portrayed by the original casts Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne), who discovered his ability of astral projection – leaving his body while his soul travels into The Further where evil entities race to occupy his body. What evil force will be unleashed this time to hunt Dalton and the rest of the Lamberts?

WARNING: Don’t watch this alone!

A lot of supernatural shocks are coming so BOOK A CINEMA now and gather all your friends and families to share the screams and thrill as you dare to accompany Dalton and his family on their journey to end the horror where it all began. Watch Insidious: The Red Door at the Director’s Club and SM Cinema Events Screen and experience extraordinary comfort as you lookout for the terrifying scenes of the movie. Comfortable cushioned seats, huge screens and Laser Projector with a perfect display of color, vibrancy, and sharpness – paired with the best digital surround sound of Dolby 7.1 and Dolby Atmos makes the scenes even more terrifying as if you also are in The Further. Pair them with the bestselling freshly popped popcorns, burgers, and delectable meals at the Snack Time to make your horror movie date night even more fun.

Watch “Insidious: The Red Door” midnight screening on July 8 and 9. For list of other participating branches, visit SM Cinema official Facebook page:

You can also book your whole company for a special block screening to enjoy watching with your colleagues. Book your cinema now through and enjoy watching this much awaited horror movie in groups. Insidious: The Red Door is currently showing at SM Cinemas nationwide so reserve your tickets and cinemas now.