First BBM National Leaders and Alliances Convention held in Clark

First BBM National Leaders and Alliances Convention held in Clark
BBM National Leaders officers
Allies of President Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. from from multi-sectors held its first BBM National Leaders and Alliances Convention at Clark Marriott Hotel on Saturday, February 25, 2023.
The convention was spearheaded by BBM National Leaders chairman Atty. Thorrsson Keith attended by more than 200 members who came from different regions.
It was graced by Lawyer Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon as guest of honor and speaker with OFW Party List Congresswoman Marissa Del Mar who delivers an inspirational message.
Keith said members of the BBM National Leaders who joined the convention are groups and individuals, Pro-Marcos from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao who supported BBM during the 2022 presidential election.
He said that the convention was held for purposes of alliance, a quasi-political group that recognizes the leaders who want to help the administration of PBBM.
“Patriotic and national leaders from different groups gathered together to form a quasi-political party. This is the first gathering for purposes of alliances,” said Keith.
According to Keith, this is also a call for other leaders and aspiring followers they wanted to help whom they think are patriotic, with love for the country and to their fellow Filipinos like PBBM.
In his message, Gadon appealed to the group of BBM alliance to continue what they have started, support the Marcos administration’s advocacies and call for unity as the country is still facing a real hard problem.
Keith and the BBM alliance group also vowed to support the candidacy of Gadon if ever he will run again in the next senatorial election.