Bulacan celebrates 163rd birth anniversary of Rizal

The people of Bulacan celebrate the 163rd Anniversary of the Birth of the Great Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal at the historic Casa Real National Shrine in the City of Malolos, Bulacan as Vice Governor Alexis Castro and Mayor Christian Natividad lead the wreath-laying ceremony on June 18, 2024. Castro said the conduct of the memorial program emphasizing that the name ‘Rizal’ gave courage to Filipinos to fight for what is right and true wherein Mayor Natividad for his part says Dr. Rizal has a deep ties with Bulakenyos especially with the women in the city to promote the rights of women and obtain education. In 2010, the Order of the Knights of Rizal-Barasoain Chapter began the annual commemoration programs about the birth and heroism of Dr. Rizal here at Casa Real de Malolos. In this place, the nation first commemorated the day of Rizal’s heroism on December 30, 1898 by virtue of the order issued by General Emilio Aguinaldo who was leading the session of the Congress of Malolos at the Barasoain church.