Weeklong anti-illegal drugs ops net 144 individuals in Central Luzon

Camp Olivas, City of San Fernando, Pampanga — Central Luzon Police authorities arrested 144 individuals  and seized more than P1.4 million worth of illegal drugs during  the weeklong operations on anti-illegal drugs between June 3 to 9, 2024 regionwide.
PRO3 Director PBGen Jose Hidalgo Jr. said that a total of 101 operations were launched by Central Luzon cops which resulted in the seizure of 206.49 grams of shabu and 24 grams of marijuana with a standard drug price of P1,406,984.80. 
“With the extensive number of operations conducted, it is crucial to highlight that there were no reports of fatalities or armed encounters in any of the actions taken by our personnel. This demonstrates that PRO3 is implementing a fair, comprehensive, and balanced anti-illegal drug strategy,” Hidalgo said.
According to Hidalgo, the PRO3’s approach not only focuses on the suppression of illegal drug supply through consistent law enforcement efforts but also emphasizes reducing drug demand through rehabilitation programs and extensive preventive education and awareness initiatives.