EBC, popularly known as Everything But Cheese, is now serving at the ground level of SM City Marilao.

SM City Marilao raised the bar by bringing bigger brands and bigger experiences this year, as the mall recently welcomed four specialty brands. New stores such as Kumori Japanese Bakery & Café, EBC (Everything But Cheese), BLK 513, and YoWellhave opened their first Bulacan branches and are ready to serve the expanding consumer class in the province.

Kicking off 2024, SM City Marilao introduces KumoriJapanese Bakery & Café. From the word kumori, a Japanese word for cloudy, this crowd-favorite store serves an authentic variety of Japanese breads and pastries that are served fresh daily. Furthermore, Kumori also offers signature coffees that are top-tier for their sweet treats. Bite into the clouds and visit Kumori, located at ground level, near the SM City MarilaoFoodcourt.

From one treat to another, EBC (Everything But Cheese), also known as the “cheesiest place on earth,” is now serving at the ground level of SM City Marilao. Finally, Bulakenyos may indulge in the trending cheesy challenge and dive into their exciting menu, including cheese fondue, cheesy fried chicken, cheesy rice bowl, cheesy baked rice, grilled cheese, cheesy burger, and mac and cheese. Likewise, there are options for bigger groups, like cheesekada bundles and party pans.

Bulakenyos need not go far to experience the Philippines’ first activated charcoal-enhanced frozen Greek yogurt, as BLK 513is now serving dark side goodness at the ground level of the mall. It’s no secret that yogurt fans are definitely craving BLK 513’s hauntingly unique taste, but it’s worth knowing that a cup of BLK may be enjoyed while cutting down on fat as it is gluten-free, along with lots of other health benefits.

Completing the froyo fever, YoWell offers a luxurious yogurt experience at an affordable price at the second level of SM City Marilao. Uniquely crafted for anyone who loves frozen yogurt, YoWell serves Yogurt Frost, available in different flavors, and Yogurt Parfait, a healthier ice cream alternative. If you opt to get creative and more personalized with your yogurt, you might as well try their Yogurt-All-You-Can. Here, you may dispense and decorate yogurt all you want and simply pay according to its weight.

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