Castaway Music Festival at SM City Baliwag became a fusion of OPM bliss, an unparalleled sound system, spectacular lights, and stage effects, captivating 25,000 music fans in Bulacan. 

Castaway Music Festival, the first major music event at SM City Baliwag that took place after the global COVID-19 pandemic, marked a resounding success as it showcased an extraordinary lineup of homegrown artists and ignited the spirits of music lovers in the province of Bulacan.

With a record-breaking attendance of 25,000 music enthusiasts, the festival united a variety of talented performers, setting the stage for a vibrant post-pandemic music scene as it created an unforgettable experience of live music, community, and unity among festival goers. 

The Castaway Music Festival has become renowned in the province of Bulacan for its ability to captivate music enthusiasts of all ages, drawing them in with its impressive lineup of talented performers from the local music scene. Looking back at the 2019 edition, the festival showcased the very best of Philippine OPM bands, featuring unforgettable performances by revered acts like Side A, the legendary rock band True Faith, and the soulful group Freestyle. This year’s festival followed suit, presenting a diverse lineup that included both rising stars and beloved favorites. Artists such as Leona and Similar Sky graced the festival’s stage, leaving the audience awestruck with their extraordinary talent. 

One of the prominent acts to headline the festival was Silent Sanctuary, an acclaimed Filipino band known for their distinctive fusion of alternative rock and pop. Their music filled the air, captivating everyone with their renditions of timeless hits that have characterized the band’s growth over time.  

Completing the formidable lineup for this year’s Castaway Music Fest was the explosive alternative rock band Sandiwa, whose raw energy resounded through the venue, leaving everyone craving for more. 

Beyond the captivating performances, the Castaway Music Festival also brought to life an immersive sensory experience, combining an unparalleled sound system, breathtaking light displays, and awe-inspiring stage effects. The atmosphere buzzed with an electrifying energy that permeated through the crowd, amplifying the overall experience and taking it to new and unparalleled heights. 

Dubbed one of SM’s most exciting events, the Castaway Music Festival highlights the Philippines’ best music artists in a touring concert. This festival, honored with the 2018 Silver Award for Innovation in Entertainment Events at the prestigious Asia Pacific Stevie Awards, captivates the heart of North Luzon as it traverses 11 selected SM Supermalls, with a grand culmination at SM City Baliwag. 

Castaway is one of the many exciting activities in SM North Luzon malls, held as a way of thanking shoppers. While creating moments of connection with customers, it also aims to foster patronage of Filipino music.