Philippine Red Cross’ ambulance team aids victims of mass casualty incident in Subic

Philippine Red Cross (PRC) ambulance and four trained medical personnel immediately responded to victims of a mass casualty incident on the Subic Toll Expressway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, on October 3. The incident involved a passenger bus and an SBMA Rescue Squad van.

The PRC’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provided urgent prehospital treatment to sixteen (16) injured victims. PRC’s ambulance team also helped the local authorities transport other patients  to James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital.

PRC Chairman and CEO Dick Gordon underscored the crucial importance of EMS in incidents like this, saying, “Providing urgent care to accident victims in an out-of-hospital environment is a critical component of saving lives. Our EMS personnel are trained and equipped to reduce the worsening of time-sensitive illnesses until the patients receive further treatment in hospitals.”

From January 1 to October 3 this year, PRC deployed over 8,200 ambulance emergency responses, providing urgent medical care to 26,026 patients.