NLEX launches ‘Ang Bida ng Kalsada’ child road safety picture book

In  its   mission   to   promote   road   safety   awareness   and   prevent   road-related   incidents, 
NLEX Corporation launched a picture book at the National Library of the Philippines entitled 
”Ang Bida ng Kalsada” to educate kids on the importance of responsible road usage through a 
creative story and illustrations.

“The ‘Ang Bida ng Kalsada Picture Book’ is our modest contribution and response to 
UNICEF’s call to action to protect our children who use the road as pedestrians, as passengers,  
and   as  responsible   members   of  the   community.   
The story   of   Danny  and   Dexter,   the  main 
characters in the book, is rich with invaluable road safety lessons that children can easily connect 
with,” said NLEX Corporation President and General Manager, J. Luigi L. Bautista
This full colored book written in  Filipino and English helps children appreciate road 
safety  by  understanding  the  context  behind  different  traffic  rules  and  regulations  in  a story 
covering a child’s journey from the house. 
The book will be distributed to Grades 3-6 public 
school students in 20 schools within NLEX, SCTEX and NLEX Connector’s host communities.
Director   Marilyn   Siao   of   DepEd’s   Bureau   of   Learning   and   Delivery   extended   its 
gratitude towards NLEX, as the book not only teaches safe road practices but also good values. 

“In   the   pages   of   this   beautifully   illustrated   book   that   we   launched   today,   children 
embarked on a journey filled with important lessons about being responsible pedestrians, about 
being conscientious passengers and active members of the community. 
Through a captivating 
storytelling and vibrant imagery, they not only learn the rules of the road, but also embrace 
values of caution, obedience, compassion, and cooperation,” she said.

Pabanlag Elementary School    Lapu-lapu Elementary School  Duhat Elementary School
In  November   2021,   the   Metro   Pacific   Tollway  Corporation,   the   mother  company   of 
NLEX Corporation, entered a multi-year agreement with UNICEF, pledging support for its Child 
Road Safety Program under the United Nations’ Second Decade of Action for Road Safety. 
Under the partnership, NLEX has  committed to assisting 100 schools in identified high-risk 

“It is our hope that initiatives like these will contribute to the reduction of road accidents. 
As parents who trust our children to venture beyond the safety of our homes, and as teachers who 
bid farewell to students at day’s end, we hold onto the hope of seeing our children become 
responsible road users. We also hope this picture book can bring about positive change in the  
lives of children, parents, and teachers alike,” said Bautista. 

‘Ang Bida ng Kalsada’ is just one of NLEX’s efforts to contribute to UNICEF’s goal to 
reduce road traffic fatalities by fifty percent (50%) by year 2030. 
Dr. Angel Umali, UNICEF 
Philippines’s Health and Nutrition Officer thanked NLEX for its commitment to the advocacy  
and urged the tollway company to continue its efforts in organizing and implementing programs 
that will enhance children’s welfare.

”Sa lahat ng ating mga proyekto at gawain, kailangan nating tignan ang kapakanan ng 
mga kabataan sapagkat kapag ginawa nating ligtas ang ating mga kalsada para sa mga bata, ito 
ay ligtas na rin para sa lahat,” Dr. Umali said.

Prior   to   the   agreement   with   UNICEF,   NLEX   has   already   been   in   the   forefront   of 
promoting road safety through various initiatives like Kaligtasan sa Daan (KalSaDa), Biyahero 
Road Safety Caravan, and Usapang Drayber. 
All of these aim to instill the value of road safety  
and responsible road usage.

Aside from these road safety awareness initiatives, NLEX recently established a Road 
Traffic   Safety   Hub   and   Park   in   Mabalacat,   Pampanga.  
 The   said   park-facility   provides   an 
educational avenue for its stakeholders, including children, to be exposed to and educated on safe 
road practices.

With the success of the opening of the RTS Hub and park and the recent launch of the 
child road safety picture book, NLEX pledges to continuously work with different organizations 
and government agencies in initiating programs that will benefit young road users.