New SBMA chief discloses new direction for SBFZ; asks employees’ support

Subic Bay Freeport—Newly appointed Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman and Administrator Jonathan D. Tan spoke on Monday about his leadership’s new directions and development plans, emphasizing the role of employees to attain them.

The new chief disclosed this as he addressed all SBMA employees for the first time during the flag ceremony on May 8.

“We start with revisiting our vision and mission that will guide us to set new directions and development plans, including strategies to achieve our goals for the free port,” Tan said.

“Setting the new direction of the Freeport is the first major step to know where you want to go and my leadership is clear about that,” he added.

“We want to create a progressive and sustainable business community. We want to regain the trust and confidence of our present locators. We want future locators to see what we can offer them. We want a better work environment for us all,” he further said.

Tan also expressed his confidence to the people of the SBMA and shared simple rules of engagement to establish good work relationships.

“Respect, open communication, collaboration, and teamwork are our rules of engagement. We will ensure that the welfare and well-being of our employees are checked. We are a big happy family here at SBMA,” Tan emphasized.

He acknowledged the SBMA people, who are known for the spirit of volunteerism, to be among the driving forces of commitment and dedication as powerful forces to serve the clients.

“Our passion to serve should be driven by our collective actions to work without coercion or by mere compliance alone. It is to work with pride and dignity on what we do and why we serve that makes volunteerism a genuine call for service,” Tan reminded employees.

Tan, who was a three-term Mayor of Antique, said that it was public service and his intention to help the community that brought him to SBMA. As the new head of the agency, he reminded everyone of what it means to serve.

“Change starts with people and in people. It starts with us. Let’s work together for a better and stronger Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority,” Tan said.