More Taiwanese businessmen visit Subic Freeport for investment prospects

New Southbound Philippines-Taiwan Delegation
Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman & Administrator Jonathan D. Tan addresses the members of the Taiwan business mission delegation who visited Subic Bay Freeport as part of the Integrated Investment Campaign: New Southbound Philippines-Taiwan Delegation in the Philippines.

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – Another batch of Taiwanese businessmen visited to look into investment and business prospects inside this premier Freeport on Thursday.

According to Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Chairman and Administrator Jonathan D. Tan who welcomed the team, the facility visit is part of the Integrated Investment Campaign: New Southbound Philippines-Taiwan Delegation in the Philippines. 


The said campaign is aimed at providing foreign investors an insight about the business climate in the Freeport and entice them to invest here. 

During the investment briefing held at the SBMA boardroom, Tan disclosed to the nine-man delegation of businessmen that the administration’s new approach in enticing investments here is called the JDT method which stands for Jobs Development and Tourism. 

Using the Chairman’s initials, the JDT method focuses on increasing job opportunities for Filipino workers, Development of the Subic Bay Freeport, and Tourism boom for all tourist spots here.

“J for jobs, create more jobs for the people; D for development, encourage more investors in making the Freeport a competitive business hub; and T for tourism, make your stay at the Freeport relaxing while doing business,” Tan said.

Business and Investment Department for Manufacturing and Maritime (BID-MM) Manager Karen Magno gave an investment briefing to the group regarding the various business activities inside the Freeport Zone. 


She also highlighted the ease of doing business in the Freeport as the SBMA very well provides assistance for companies locating here.

Xantheng Subic International Corporation Assistant to the CEO Best Chang also presented the Tipo Hightech Eco Park (THEP) located at the Tipo Gate area. THEP is a rising industrial park that can cater from small to heavy industry businesses.

The Subic Bay Development and Management Corporation (SBDMC) Inc. Investment Services Department Manager Julie Tan also gave a briefing on the Subic Bay Gateway Park (SBGP), citing that the area has been one of the first industrial parks for Taiwanese companies in Subic.

Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PITC) Taipei Director for Commercial Affairs and Head of Delegation Anthony B. Rivera expressed his gratitude to Chairman Tan, citing that the Subic Bay Freeport is certainly a conducive area for Taiwanese businesses to prosper.

The official also thanked the SBMA for the presentation, facility visit and for arranging the meetings with other locators inside the Freeport, citing that the information provided will certainly be useful for companies looking into investing in Subic.

Deputy Administrator for Business Group Atty. John Aquino also conveyed his gratitude to the delegation, citing that their interest in investing in Subic Freeport would also mean the possibility of investing here. He added that by giving them a look into this premier Freeport, the delegation would also pique the interest of other Taiwanese companies as well. 


The business mission, which is an offshoot of the Integrated Investment Promotion Campaign in Taiwan back in October 2022, was made thru the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) of Taipei.