DPWH Zambales 1st DEO showcases 6 new trucks to enhance its operations

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) – Zambales 1st District Engineering Office (DEO) recently acquired six new lightweight trucks with dropside bodies to strengthen project monitoring and emergency response capabilities.

District Engineer Hermon G. Ines highlighted the vital role of these vehicles in delivering quality infrastructure and efficient public service, emphasizing their use for transporting manpower, equipment, and supplies to various project sites.

“The acquisition of double cab trucks will significantly enhance our capacity to respond swiftly to emergencies and to closely monitor crucial projects, particularly those situated along river systems and in remote areas,” Ines stated.

He further specified that the Maintenance Section will receive four (4) vehicles for basic section highway maintenance and emergency response activities, while the Planning and Design and Construction Sections will utilize the remaining two (2) vehicles for evaluating proposed projects and monitoring ongoing ones.#(DPWH ZAMBALES 1ST DPAIU)