DPWH R3 estimates “Egay’s” infra damage at P1.9B

Initial assessment on the damage to infrastructure in Central Luzon, amounting to a total of P1.9 billion as of July 31, 2023, was attributed to Typhoon Egay and the enhanced southwest monsoon, with the estimation based on the consolidated Calamity Damaged Infrastructure Report of the Department of Public Works and Highways – Region III Maintenance Division.
The report highlights that the damage to infrastructure in various provinces within the region, with Tarlac incurring the highest amount of P1.46 billion, was mainly caused by the impairment of flood control structures along major riverways such as Camiling, Lucung, Rio Chico, Parua, and O’ Donnel Rivers.
District engineering offices, primarily affected by the increased volume of water flowing in river channels, have observed collapsed revetment structures and damage to slope protection, leading to the saturation and weakening of embankments, particularly in Tarlac and Zambales, where the torrential rain induced by Typhoon Egay and habagat further impacted the concrete flood control walls.
Meanwhile, reports have indicated that the impact of floodwater significantly exacerbated the potholes along national roads, particularly on the Bulacan section of the Manila North Road and the Roman Expressway in Bataan.
The DPWH Regional Office III has issued instructions to the District Engineers in Central Luzon, directing them to expedite road restoration efforts and conduct a comprehensive assessment of all structures to ensure public safety.