Camp General Alejo S Santos, City of Malolos, Bulacan —The Bulacan Provincial Police Office has launched a comprehensive effort to ensure the safety and security of the upcoming elections. In line with this commitment, the Bulacan PNP conducted simultaneous checkpoints across strategic locations in the province.

The simultaneous checkpoints, which took place in the early hours of today, mark a crucial step in the Bulacan PNP’s commitment to maintaining a secure environment during the electoral process. These checkpoints are designed not only to monitor the movement of vehicles but also to deter any potential criminal activities that could undermine the integrity of the elections.

PCOL RELLY B ARNEDO, Provincial Director of Bulacan PNP, said, “Our top priority is to guarantee a safe and peaceful election period for all residents in the province of Bulacan. By conducting these simultaneous checkpoints, we aim to create a visible and effective presence of law enforcement, deterring any individuals who may have ill intentions during this critical time.”

The Bulacan PNP has collaborated with various law enforcement agencies, local government units, and election stakeholders to ensure a coordinated and efficient approach to security measures. The checkpoints are part of a wider strategy that includes increased police visibility, intelligence gathering, and cooperation with communities to foster a safe electoral environment.

During the checkpoints, law enforcement personnel will be checking for various factors, including the presence of unauthorized firearms, compliance with election laws, and the general safety of vehicles and passengers. The Bulacan PNP assures the public that these activities are conducted in a respectful and non-intrusive manner, with the goal of enhancing security and maintaining the rule of law.

The Bulacan PNP urges everyone to be responsible and law-abiding citizens during this important time in the democratic process. By working together, the people of Bulacan can contribute to the success of free, fair, and credible elections.