Angeles City ushers in Yuletide Season with lantern lighting

The Angeles City Government, led by Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr., installed Christmas lanterns along Abacan Bridge, signaling the start of the “ber” months in a few weeks.
The Christmas lanterns named and called as “NingNing” which were conceptualized and designed by the Office of Executive Assistant IV Reina Manuel serve as beacons of hope to the undying spirit of the Angeleños to rise above any adversities. 
Manuel said the lanterns were put up two weeks before the ber months by the City Engineer’s Office, led by Engr. Donato Dizon, upon the instructions of Mayor Lazatin.
The longest Christmas in Asia now starts in Angeles City with the lighting of the Christmas lanterns — a reminder that there is hope amid the adversities.
Mayor Lazatin is reminding Angeleños to put forth hope, love and concern for others.