12 applicants hired on the spot at SBMA Labor Day job fair

Job seekers from neighboring communities of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone try their luck landing a job by selecting from 6,310 job opportunities opened by 57 locators.

Subic Bay Freeport—Twelve job seekers instantly landed a job during the Labor Day job fair organized by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA).


Out of the 12 hired on the spot, Da Tian Subic Shoes Inc., a shoe-manufacturing firm that produces branded vulcanized shoes for export, hired nine applicants.


The other two were hired by Wistron Infocomm Philippines Corp., an affiliate-member of the Acer Group of Companies, and one was hired by 01 Property Ventures Corporation, proprietor of Magic Lagoon Bar and Grill Restaurant.


“The SBMA Labor department is committed to provide the locators and investors with not only the needed number of workers with proper skills but also attain harmony, productivity, work values and industrial peace here,” said Department Manager Atty. Melvin Varias.


Varias also disclosed that there were 568 applicants registered to apply for the 6,310 manpower needs of 57 locators.


Out of the 6,310 job opportunities, Da Tian Subic Shoes Corporation alone already opened 2,023; while YZ Manpower Agency with 1,190; followed by Powerlane Resources Inc. with 625.


A wide range of opportunities were opened from production operators, engineers, quality control officer, accounting staff, marketing and sales officers, service crew, data encoder, electrician, company nurse, customer service representatives, supervisor, cashier, animal handler, and a lot more.


Meanwhile, Senior Labor Employment Officer Arvin Fabian of the Department of Labor and Employment-Zambales Field Office lauded the efforts of the SBMA Labor department for bringing job opportunities closer to the job seekers.


“We have several job fairs. And I think the SBMA Labor department deserves an applause,” Fabian said during the opening program of the job fair.


The SBMA Labor department has been hands-on all year long, not only during Labor Day, to bring job opportunities closer to the job seekers from neighboring communities of Subic Bay Freeport Zone by establishing close coordination with the locators for their manpower requirements.


During the job fair program, the SBMA Labor department also launched the QR code, which the job seekers used as a registration tool, and will be used as well by job seekers who were not able to join the job fair.


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Varias said that with the QR code, it would be like having a job fair every day. He added that the QR code is available for scanning at the SBMA Labor department’s FaceBook page for job seekers who are not able to join the job fair.  


The Labor Day job fair is an annual activity spearheaded by the SBMA Labor Department through its Manpower Services Division, Workforce Development Division, Conciliation and Employee Welfare Division and Service Contracting Office, in collaboration with the DOLE-Zambales Field Office, Public Employment Service Office, Subic Bay Town Center, Inc.- Ayala Malls Harbor Point, and various SBMA departments. (30)